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Scale pulse based (2) ingredient ratio blend and batch system processor with HMI, tanks, scales, pumps test stand in shop. System auto and manual operation. (4) formula storage/retrieval.

The operator may select (1) of the preset ingredient ratio blending formulas, enter the total batch amount desired and the system will simultaneously deliver the (2) ingredients and each will seek to maintain their ingredient ratio rate set point by continual monitoring and control.

Setup screens are under password to limit access to system configuration and formula data entry. System midcycle resume after batch stop/pause allows completion of the ingredients' delivery without reset to zero.

Ingredient totalizers with clear pushbutton on HMI screen to reset production totals. (4) Formulas in addition to being able to run each device individually in manual at one hundred percent of its' capacity for a total of (6) configurations. Different configurations of flow meter or scaled pulse/revolution based systems are also possible dependant upon the end product specifications.

Control enclosure and hardware shown is utilized for testing different system configurations. Assembled systems consisting of agitated ingredient tanks on load cells or with level controls, ratio blend pumps, static mixer, flow meters, mechanical piping, electrical enclosures and conduit to devices can all be skid mounted and tested as a turnkey system prior to field installation and commissioning if permissable.

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